Rowley Church Hall - Facilities

Large hall with curtained stage

Performers can access the stage from both rooms each side of the stage, allowing male & female dressing rooms if required.

Tables and or seating can be either down each side of the room or across the middle to suit your requirements.                       

There is a removable wooden ramp for, the front door step, to allow for wheelchair or wheeled equipment access through the double doors.

 View from the hall entrance door
with the Disable Toilet door visable to the right of the stage.

View from kitchen serving hatch.

Large fully funtional kitchen. 

The large kitchen has plenty of work surfaces for the preparation of food etc, fridge, double oven multi burner range cooker, water boiler,
2 sinks for washing up, 1 sink for hand washing, crockery, cutlery, a large hatch for serving into the main hall with pull down shutter to allow food preparation, while the main hall is in use.

Large range cooker. 

Double oven range cooker with multiple top burners for plenty of saucepans, kettles etc.

Disable Toilet.

The disabled toilet is located in the right hand room off the stage, when looking up the hall towards the stage from the entrance door.

There is a removable wooden ramp for the front door step to allow easy wheelchair access through the double doors.


Large Car Park.

There is a large car park, tarmaced at the front of the building and hard standing down the side of the hall. There are flood lights both at the front and at the side for added night time security.



The church hall is located across the road from St Giles Church, next to the repair garage. 

Entrance to the car park is via the gap in the brick wall, which is easily noticable  as you pull off the main road.

The 140 & 241 buses from Blackheath travelling to Dudley stop at the bus stop by the repair garage with only a few metres to walk to the hall.


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